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Why Invest In Lifestyle Photography


Lifestyle photography is a luxury but at the same time I feel that everyone deserves the right to have wonderful portraits that will last a lifetime and that they can cherish for years to come, which is why I offer a wide range of packages to suit your needs.


When you book a session with me, you are making an investment into those memories. But why should you book with me, you might ask? Why should I spend all of that money on a photographer when I can go to any chain photography location and get a ton of prints for only $9.99 or there is even a photographer offering to shoot for two hours and they will give us a full disc of images for only $25.00!?


You can trust that what you see with any of my work is what you are going to get. Every last one of the images on this site are a reflection of me and the hard work that I put into each session. Only the absolute best images are pulled from your session and given my bit of artistic flare! I want you to fall in love with what you see and not just see something and say, oh yes that is a cute shot. I want to evoke emotion in you when you see your images for the first time!


Chain photography places cannot say this. They are there to get you in and snap a few pictures and then get you out. They get you in by first offering that $9.99 portrait package. What you don't realize is that once you are in there and have had your portraits taken, that you can only select ONE image to qualify for that $9.99 portrait package. They get you by showing you all of your images and letting you select several of them and then tell you your order has now been bumped up to a couple hundred dollars or more. They almost make you feel bad if you don't pay for this entire order on the spot as well. Trust me, I totally understand that feeling as I have been there many times before and I have created several collections with a wide range of prices in hopes of being able to reach everyone. I fully believe that you should also be able to choose exactly what print sizes you want as well as what poses with no additional costs to you. When you book with me you will get exactly what you want out of your session!


When looking at professional, on location photographers, remember that if the deal seems to good to be true, then most of the time it is. Sure, getting your session and a disc with every last image taken from your session for only $25.00 is nice, but really, what are you going to do with that disc? They don't look good hanging on the wall and quick print places like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc... tend to make people look...well not so hot. That is because their printers are a simple ink jet with a basic calibration setting. I use a professional print lab for your prints. You prints will come back in true to life colors thanks to light sensitive paper, where the image is exposed on the paper rather than printing. With me, you can proudly display your family on the wall in large prints and canvases or even in smaller print collections.


Remember, always research your photographer before selecting one. Check out their work and make sure that it will mesh with your family's style. The whole point of custom, lifestyle photography is to have your images displayed and not left on a disc collecting dust! The most common items purchased through Sweet Emotions Photography are coffee table albums and 16X20 and larger canvas float wraps and gallery wraps. All of these products are stunning in their own right and a great way to display your most prized eartly possessions.

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